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Jane Jorgenson
Associate Professor

Jane  Jorgenson

Family communication, Gender and Organizations, Work relationships and Identity

Office: CIS 3045
Phone: 813/974-7282

Jane Jorgenson joined the Communication faculty in 1996. Her primary research interests center on workplace identities and meanings with a focus on gender, and on the communicative intersections of work and family life. She is currently conducting a study of dual-career academic couples on the job market and how they negotiate the "two-body problem." In addition to her work-family scholarship, a portion of her current research explores the role of framing in the production of organizational realities.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

  • Women and Communication
  • Family Communication
  • Communication and Working Life

Graduate Course Offerings

  • Framing and Sense-Making
  • Family Communication
  • Communication and Working Life
  • Gender in the Workplace

Representative Publications

  • Jorgenson, J. & Steier, F. (2013). Frames, framing and designed conversational processes: Lessons from the World Café. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 49, 3, pp. 388-405.

  • Jorgenson, J. (2011). Reflexivity in feminist research practice: Hearing the unsaid. Women & Language 34,2, 115-120.

  • Jorgenson, J. & Sullivan, T. (2009). Accessing children’s perspectives through participatory photo interviews. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 11(1), Art. 8.

  • Kuhn, T., Golden, A., Jorgenson, J., Buzzanell, P., Berkelaar, B., Kisselburgh, Kleinman, S. & Cruz, D. (2008). Cultural discourses and discursive resources for meaningful work: Constructing and disrupting identities in contemporary capitalism. Management Communication Quarterly, 22, 1, 162-171.

  • Jorgenson, J. (2006). Seeing work-life from children’s standpoints. Electronic Journal of Communication/ La Revue Electronique de Communication 16, 3-4.

  • Golden, A., Kirby, E. & Jane Jorgenson. (2006). Work-life research from both sides now: An integrative perspective for organizational and family communication. In C. Beck (Ed.), Communication Yearbook 30. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 143-195.

  • Jorgenson, J. & Bochner, A. (2004). Imagining families through stories and rituals. Handbook of family communication A. Vangelisti (Ed.), Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 513-538.

  • Steier, F. & Jorgenson, J. (2003). Ethics and aesthetics of observing frames. Cybernetics and Human Knowing, 10, 3-4, 124-136.

  • Jorgenson, J. (2002). Engineering selves: negotiating gender and identity in technical work Management Communication Quarterly, 15, 3, pp. 350-380.

  • Bird, S.E. & Jorgenson, J.(2002). Extending the school day: gender, class and the incorporation of technology in everyday life. Women and everyday uses of the Internet: Agency and identity M. Consalvo & S. Paasonen (Eds.), New York: Peter Lang, pp. 255-274.


Ph.D., Speech Communication, University of Pennsylvania, 1986.

Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
17904SPC 4431002Family Communication

CPR 353
16470SPC 6913003Directed Research

TBA 100
18858SPC 6934904Communication and Working Life
Graduate student standing required.

CIS 3063
16212SPC 7980010Dissertation: Doctoral

TBA 100

Graduate Students

Wendy Adams, Ann Marie Coats, Sonia Dimitrova, Charles Jones, Mirim Kim

Nancie Hudson