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Jane Jorgenson
Associate Professor

Jane  Jorgenson

Family communication, Gender and Organizations, Work relationships and Identity

Office: CIS 3045
Phone: 813/974-7282

Jane Jorgenson joined the Communication faculty in 1996. Her primary research interests center on workplace identities and meanings with a focus on gender, and on the communicative intersections of work and family life. She is currently conducting a study of dual-career academic couples on the job market and how they negotiate the "two-body problem." In addition to her work-family scholarship, a portion of her current research explores the role of framing in the production of organizational realities.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

  • Women and Communication
  • Family Communication
  • Communication and Working Life

Graduate Course Offerings

  • Framing and Sense-Making
  • Family Communication
  • Communication and Working Life
  • Gender in the Workplace

Representative Publications

  • Jorgenson, J. & Steier, F. (2013). Frames, framing and designed conversational processes: Lessons from the World Café. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 49, 3, pp. 388-405.

  • Jorgenson, J. (2011). Reflexivity in feminist research practice: Hearing the unsaid. Women & Language 34,2, 115-120.

  • Jorgenson, J. & Sullivan, T. (2009). Accessing children’s perspectives through participatory photo interviews. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 11(1), Art. 8.

  • Kuhn, T., Golden, A., Jorgenson, J., Buzzanell, P., Berkelaar, B., Kisselburgh, Kleinman, S. & Cruz, D. (2008). Cultural discourses and discursive resources for meaningful work: Constructing and disrupting identities in contemporary capitalism. Management Communication Quarterly, 22, 1, 162-171.

  • Jorgenson, J. (2006). Seeing work-life from children’s standpoints. Electronic Journal of Communication/ La Revue Electronique de Communication 16, 3-4.

  • Golden, A., Kirby, E. & Jane Jorgenson. (2006). Work-life research from both sides now: An integrative perspective for organizational and family communication. In C. Beck (Ed.), Communication Yearbook 30. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 143-195.

  • Jorgenson, J. & Bochner, A. (2004). Imagining families through stories and rituals. Handbook of family communication A. Vangelisti (Ed.), Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 513-538.

  • Steier, F. & Jorgenson, J. (2003). Ethics and aesthetics of observing frames. Cybernetics and Human Knowing, 10, 3-4, 124-136.

  • Jorgenson, J. (2002). Engineering selves: negotiating gender and identity in technical work Management Communication Quarterly, 15, 3, pp. 350-380.

  • Bird, S.E. & Jorgenson, J.(2002). Extending the school day: gender, class and the incorporation of technology in everyday life. Women and everyday uses of the Internet: Agency and identity M. Consalvo & S. Paasonen (Eds.), New York: Peter Lang, pp. 255-274.


Ph.D., Speech Communication, University of Pennsylvania, 1986.

Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
50395SPC 7980007Dissertation: Doctoral

TBA 100

Graduate Students

Wendy Adams, Ann Marie Coats, Sonia Dimitrova, Charles Jones, Mirim Kim

Nancie Hudson