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Mahuya Pal
Associate Professor

Mahuya  Pal

Organizational communication, globalization, postcolonial studies

Office: CIS 3036
Phone: 813/974-2145

Dr. Pal's research specializes in organizational communication and globalization. Specifically, her research focuses on the study of a) organizing among underprivileged groups and their politics of resistance against institutional power, b) transnational labor issues such as discursive and material practices of outsourced Third World employees, c) communicative practices of resistance on activist group websites, and d) corporate practices of sustainability/sustainable development. Using a critical theoretical lens, and methodological frames such as ethnography, self-reflexive fieldwork, focus groups, interviews, and thematic analysis, Dr. Pal’s work explores communicative processes within the contexts of marginality, poverty, human rights, social justice, democratic ideals, and eco-colonialism. Her research has been published in Human Relations, Communication Monographs, Communication Theory, Communication Yearbook, Communication, Culture & Critique and elsewhere.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

  • Organizational Communication
  • Small Group Communication
  • Globalization and Organizational Communication
  • Public Affairs and Issues Management
  • Communication and Organizational Change
  • Communicating Leadership

Graduate Course Offerings

  • Communication and Resistance
  • Power and Control in Organizations
  • Theories of Organizational Communication

Representative Publications

  • Pal, M. (2015). Organization at the margins: Subaltern resistance of Singur. Human Relations, 1 – 20. DOI: 10.1177/0018726715589797

  • Pal, M., & J.J. Jenkins. (2014). Reimagining sustainability: An interrogation of the Corporate Knights’ Global 100. Environmental Communication.

  • Pal, M., & Buzzanell, P. M. (2013). Breaking the myth of Indian call centers. A post-colonial analysis of resistance. Communication Monographs, 80, 199-219. DOI: 10.1080/03637751.2013.776172

  • Pal, M., & Dutta, M. J. (2013). "Land is our mother": Alternative meanings of development in subaltern organizing. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, 6, 203-220. DOI: 10.1080/17513057.2013.765954

  • Pal, M., & Dutta, M. (2012). Organizing resistance on the Internet: The case of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal. Communication, Culture & Critique, 5, 230-251.

  • Dutta, M. J., & Pal, M. (2010). Dialog theory in marginalized settings: A subaltern studies approach. Communication Theory, 20, 363-386.

  • Pal, M., & Dutta, M. J. (2008). Theorizing resistance in a global context: processes, strategies and tactics in communication scholarship. In C. Beck (Ed.), Communication Yearbook, 32, 41-87. New York, NY: Routledge.

  • Pal, M., & Buzzanell, P. M. (2008). The Indian call center experience: A case study in changing discourses of identity, identification, and career in a global context. Journal of Business Communication, 45, 31-60.

Honors and Awards

  • Top Paper, Environmental Communication Division, NCA. Orlando, 2012
  • Top Student Paper, Public Relations Division, NCA. San Antonio, 2006
  • Top Student Paper, Human Communication and Technology Division, NCA. Boston, 2005
  • Alan H. Monroe Scholar Award Communication Department, Purdue University, 2007 (for excellence in research)


Ph.D., Purdue University. Communication Department. West Lafayette, Indiana, 2008

Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
82273SPC 3425001Group Communication

CPR 347
81902SPC 6903004Directed Readings

TBA 100
82298COM 7933001Communication and Resistance
Ph.D. Seminar Communication. Ph.D. Standing or Permission of Instructor

CIS 3057

Graduate Students

Ryan D'Souza