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Course Offerings

There are very few required courses in the graduate program in communication. Students are encouraged to design their curricula around their chosen interests and scholarly goals. M.A. and Ph.D students compose a formal "plan of study," after one year of coursework, which must be approved by advisors, faculty supervisory committees, and the graduate director. This plan of study details the particular curriculum each student will accomplish, indicates which classes fulfill particular requirements, and charts a direction for scholarship.

The “Upcoming Course Plan” helps students and faculty anticipate course offerings to design plans of study. This schedule is subject to changes and revisions. Some course titles may be altered when classes appear in the published schedule of courses. Courses designated as PhD seminars are open to doctoral students only and have a cap of 12 students. Courses marked with a "*" fulfill departmental requirements

(Please click here to view our current and past course offerings.)

Fall 2018

Theories and Histories of Communication (Buzzanell and Dean-Kruzel)
Quantitative Methods (New Faculty Colleague)
PhD Seminar: Identity (Berry)
PhD Seminar: Critical Surveillance Studies (Dubrofsky)
Performance Theory (McRae)
Narrative Medicine (Roscoe)
Discourse Analysis (Bartesaghi)

Spring 2019

Critical Methods (Durham)
Postcolonial thoughts in Communication (Basu)
Framing and Sensemaking (Jorgenson)
Interpersonal Communication (Wilson)
Power and Control in Organizations (Pal)
Communication Systems Practice (Steier)
Patient-Centered Communication (Dean Kruzel)

Fall 2019

Theories and Histories of Communication (Wilson and Pal)
Qualitative Methods (Bartesaghi)
Afrofuturism (Durham)
Communication Ethics (Roscoe)
Health Communication (Basu)
Contemporary Cultural Studies (Dubrofsky)
Autoethnography (Berry)
Working Life and Organizations (Jorgenson)

Spring 2020

Quantitative Methods (Wilson)
Language/Mind/Social Interaction (Bartesaghi)
Communication and Resistance (Pal)
Organizational Communication (Steier)
Patient-Provider Communication (Dean Kruzel)
Performance Criticism (McRae)
TBD: New Faculty Colleague

Spring 2018

Qualitative Methods (Basu)
PhD Seminar – Reflexivity (Steier)
PhD Seminar – Listening, Communication, and the Body (McRae)
Critical Media Studies (Dubrofsky)
Career Theory and Strategies (Buzzanell)
Organizational Communication (Pal)
Interpersonal Communication (Berry)

Fall 2017

*Theories and Histories of Communication (Jorgenson & Pal)
*Critical Methods (Payne)
PhD Seminar: Lang/Mind/Social Interaction – Bartesaghi
PhD Seminar: Autoethnography (Ellis)
Health Communication (Roscoe)
Race and Ethnicity in Communication (Durham)
Work, Identity and Org in Communication (Jorgenson)
Social Construction of Reality (Bochner)

Spring 2017

PhD Seminar: Ethics (Roscoe)
PhD Seminar: Framing and Sensemaking (Jorgenson)
Patient-Centered Communication and Professionalism (Dean Kruzel)
Communicating Illness, Grief, Loss (Ellis)
Performance as Cultural Study (McRae)
Critical Cultural Studies of Comm (Dubrofsky)

Fall 2016

* Histories and Theories of Communication (Roscoe/McRae)
* Qualitative Methods (Bartesaghi)
PhD Seminar: Resistance (Pal)
PhD Seminar: Afrofuturism (Durham)
Culture & Health Communication (Basu)
Narrative Inquiry (Bochner)
Interpersonal Communication (Berry)
Organizational Communication (Steier)

Spring 2016

* Critical Methods (Payne)
PhD Seminar: Surveillance (Dubrofsky)
PhD Seminar: Queering Communication (Berry)
Performance Theory (McRae)
Working Life and Organizations (Jorgenson)
Health Communication (Dean Kruzel)
Communication Pedagogy (Huber)

Fall 2015

* Histories and Theories of Communication (Jorgenson/Payne)  
Organizational Communication (Pal)                        
* Qualitative Methods of Comm Research (Basu)                      
Communication Systems Practice (Steier)                   
Critical Cultural Studies of Comm (Durham)               
Doing Research w/ Discourse Analysis (Bartesaghi)           
PhD Seminar:  Radicalism & Critique (Khan)
PhD Seminar:  Inquiries in Language and Social Interaction (Noy)

Spring 2015

PhD seminar: Autoethnography (Ellis)
PhD seminar: Communication and Community (Steier)
*Critical Methods (Payne)
Critical Approaches to Media Studies (Dubrofsky)
Race and Ethnicity in Communication (Durham)
Communication at the End of Life (Roscoe)
Ethnography of Communication (Noy)

Fall 2014

PhD Seminar: Globalization (Basu)
PhD Seminar: Narrative (Bochner)
*Theories and Histories of Communication (Roscoe and Khan)
*Qualitative Methods (Bartesaghi)
Communicating Identity (Berry)
Power and Control in Organizations (Pal)
Race and Racism (James)
Performing Human Rights (Erincin)

Spring 2014

Emotions, Trauma, and Intimate Interviewing (Ellis)
Psychiatric Authority and the Politics of Mental Health (Bartesaghi) (counts as a PhD seminar; open to MA students)
PhD seminar on Framing and Sensemaking (Jorgenson)
Communication in Close Relationships (Bochner)
Studies in Culture and Communication (Durham)
Kenneth Burke and Critical Thought (Payne)
Advanced Ethnography (Noy)
Performance Studies (McRae).