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Current Student Listing

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StudentResearch Interests
Alam, Md. Khorshed Post-colonial Studies, Critical Cultural Studies, Subaltern Studies, Consumer Culture, Youth and Advertising
Anderson, Ariane Health, Interpersonal, Organizational
Bender, Jennifer Interpersonal Communication, Health Communication, Narrative Inquiry, Dialogue, Pedagogy, Romantic Relationships
Bush, Hannah Organizational Communication, Critical Cultural Communication, Identity
Chemburkar, Sujit
Cotanda, Dionel
Covington, Christopher
Cusanno, Brianna Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Critical Cultural Studies, Qualitative Health Research, Patient-Provider Relationships, Medication-Taking
Dimitrova, Sonia
D'Souza, Ryan critical cultural studies; desi popular culture; post-colonialism; pedagogy; global south feminism
Fortin, Andrea Internet studies, community, ethnography, media studies, game studies, storytelling, interpersonal communication, discourse analysis, community, intersectionality
Gough, Erin M.
Hintz, Elizabeth Quantitative Methods, Qualitative Methods, Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication
Johnson, Wesley Cultural /Critical Studies, Critical Media Studies, Performance, Film Studies, Horror, Subcultures and Resistance
Jones, Charles
Jordan, Doug
Keetheswaran, Nivethitha (Niv)
Kickliter, Holly
Lagomasino, Adolfo Performance, Ethnography, Public Memory, Space/Place
Lanier, Cayla Interpersonal and Relational Communication, Mentoring, Gender
Lolli, Jessica
Magalona, Christina Marie
Mason, Elisabeth
Mattson, Laura
McDowell, Michael
McFerguson, Marquese
Miranda, Ariadne
Moni, Sherin
Montalvo, Jessica
Nieto Fernandez, Beatriz
Oglesby, Brooks Performance, Critical Media Studies, Depression, Whiteness, Professional Wrestling, Comedy, Fandom
Peters, Grace Language and Social Interaction, Health Communication, Performance Pedagogy
Powell-Young, Toni
Rauchberg, Jessica Sage Critical-cultural communication, critical media studies, homonationalism, surveillance, queer disability studies, girlhood and youth studies, popular culture
Robb, Jaime Rhetorical Criticism, Health Communication, Community, Framing and Sense making
Rousset, Simon Theories of communication, culture, and identity in the context of secularism, organized religion, and terrorism
Ryder, Steven Autoethnography, Narrative, Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Queer Theory, Social Construction & Identity, Computer Mediated Communication, Performance
Sanders, Sasha Janai Performance Studies, Critical Media Studies, Autoethnography, Black Studies, Black Feminist Thought, Feminist Criticism, Asexuality Studies, Social Justice, Art-based Research
Santiago, Amaly
Scott, Lemuel David Homelessness, Critical Media Studies, Popular Media & Culture and Public Opinion, Arts-informed Research
Smithberger, Leanna performance, criticism, culture, mobility, music, arts-based research
Stanley, Liahnna Health Communication, Narrative interviewing, Substance use and addiction, and Indigenous studies
Swenson, Sean
Tian, Zhenyu Interpersonal communication, relational communication, identity, intercultural studies, queer studies, critical studies.
Vomacka, Tanya
Woodruffe, Anjuliet