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Dr. Aisha Durham has gone international media this time! Dr. Durham describes Halloween minstrelsy for Haaretz, a leading international Israeli newspaper akin to the New York Times. Published in its Hebrew edition, the interview is based on Durham’s recent Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies publication, “_____ While Black: Millennial Race Play and the Post Hip-Hop Generation.” Congrats to Aisha!

Summer Cunningham, Jim Bowman, Jennifer Whalen, and Mariaelena Bartesaghi will  receive a Top Paper award at NCA, 2015 for the work they submitted to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. The title of their paper is: 
“Re-Writing Interpersonal Communication: A Portfolio-Based Curriculum for Process Pedagogy”. Congrats!

Cody Hawley’s paper, Mother Against Modernity: The Rhetorical Uses of 'Mother' in White Southern Gospel, 1929-1949, will be featured in the Top Student Paper panel of the Religious Communication Division at the National Communication Association conference in Las Vegas in November 2015. Congrats, Cody!

 Travis Bell’s paper, Framed: A qualitative analysis of ESPN's coverage of the College Football Playoff, won the Competitive Communication Scholarship Graduate Student Top Paper at the 2015 Florida Communication Association conference. Congrats, Travis!

Jen Whalen has been elected as President of the Florida Communication Association for 2015-2016. Congrats to Jen!

Dr. Marleah Dean Kruzel was featured on Tampa Bay’s local Bay News 9 Station regarding her participation in the Center of Disease Control’s (CDC) new Young Women & Breast Cancer campaign called “Bring Your Brave.” By sharing real life stories about young women who have been affected by breast cancer and who are at a high genetic risk for breast cancer - like Dr. Dean Kruzel - the campaign hopes to raise awareness, provide information, and encourage preventative healthy behaviors among women under 45-years of age. You can read the Bay News 9 story by following this link:

Aisha Durham is the recipient of the 2015 Top Book Award from the NCA African American Communication and Culture Division (AACCD).  She will receive her award for Home with Hip Hop Feminism: Performances in Communication and Cultureduring the AACCD business meeting on Saturday, November 21, 2:00-3:15 pm.

Dr. Carolyn Ellis will be awarded the 2015 NCA Distinguished Scholar Award. Congratulations to Carolyn!

PhD student Marquese L. McFerguson and Undergraduate student Terrell Foster have been chosen to participate in TedxUSF talks. Congrats to both! Marquese’s talk examines the use of spoken word poetry to promote cross-cultural consciousness and encourage critical dialogue on intercultural issues and lived experiences. Terrell's talk is titled "We Could Be Heroes" and focuses on the minority experience during military service. Tickets are available beginning October 1 and the talks are scheduled for November 18, 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm.

David Jenkins successfully defended his dissertation “Was it Something They Said? Stand-up Comedy and Progressive Social Change”

James Chris Holcom successfully defended his thesis “Eye of the Beholder: An Artistic Transposition of Truth in Historical Narrative from Herodotus to Hollywood

Heather Curry successfully defended her dissertation, “A Semiotic Phenomenology of Homelessness and The Precarious Community: A Matter of Boundary.” Congrats, Heather!

Robert Bruce successfully defended his thesis, “Straight Benevolence: Preserving Heterosexual Authority and White Privilege.” Congrats, Robb!

Aisha Durham has been promoted and granted tenure at the University of South Florida. Congratulations!

Chaim Noy’s new book, Thank You for Dying for Our Country: Commemorative Texts and Performances in Jerusalem, was recently released by Oxford University Press. In the book, Chaim examines a commemorative visitor book that is located in a national military site in Jerusalem, Israel. The book combines ethnographic approaches to language and to writing (and reading), with a semiotic analysis of the museum in which the visitor book is located, and a discursive-textual analysis of visitors’ texts. The book depicts how identity and commemoration are actually being performed.

Rachel Dubrofsky’s co-edited collection with Shoshana Magnet, Feminist Surveillance Studies, will be released by Duke at the end of May. The introductory sections are now available online and can be accessed by clicking here.

The collection contends that questions of gender, race, class, and sexuality have been left largely unexamined in surveillance studies. Contributors provide new directions for analyzing surveillance, using feminist theory to expose the ways in which surveillance practices and technologies are tied to systemic forms of discrimination that serve to normalize whiteness, able-bodiedness, capitalism, and heterosexuality.

Mariaelena Bartesaghi was a panelist at the American Meteorological Society's 43rd Conference on Broadcast Meteorology and Third Conference on Weather Warnings and Communication. Mariaelena argued that contrary to post-facto accounts, Hurricane Katrina was no failure of "coordination."

Ashley J. Martinez, who earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in our department, has recently been appointed as Communications and Engagement Manager with the Florida College Access Network. Ashley’s responsibilities include developing communication strategies, creating informational materials and managing internal and external communications. Ashley’s service as a mentor for Latina migrant youth and her own experience as a first generation college student and Take Stock in Children scholarship recipient has made her an advocate for college access and completion initiatives.

David Lee, a doctorate from the department, has been offered, and will accept, a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at the CUNY New York City College of Technology. Congrats, David!

Tori Lockler successfully defended her dissertation “The Meaning of Stories Without Meaning: A Post-Holocaust Experiment”. Congratulations!

Tasha Rose Rennels successfully defended her dissertation, “You Better Redneckognize”: White Working-Class People and Reality Television.” Congrats Tasha.

Sue Ram received the Volunteer Standout Performance of the Year award at the Celebration of Leadership event. Darshani is an undergraduate Communication major. Volunteer Standout Performance of the Year recognizes the most outstanding USF individual who has dedicated his/her time to USF and the surrounding communities through community service, philanthropy, and/or social justice awareness.

She also presented research at the UG Research Colloquium in April. Her project was based on research she did in Italy on the social construction of stigma against mental illness in the U.S. and Italy.

Heather Curry has accepted a position as a tenure track Assistant Professor of Communication at Arizona State University. The focus of the position is philosophy of communication and culture. Congratulations Heather!

Nancie Hudson received her first teaching award from USF Provost Ralph Wilcox during an awards ceremony on April 2. She won second place (honorable mention) in the Provost’s Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Assistant in the Arts and Humanities category. To apply for the award, Nancie created an online teaching portfolio that included a video of herself teaching an actual class. In addition to an award certificate, she received a book about active learning pedagogy. Congratulations, Nancie!

Blake Paxton successfully defended his dissertation, "Feeling at Home with Grief: An Ethnography of Continuing Bonds and Re-membering the Deceased." He has also accepted a tenure track position at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. He will also be the head of curriculum development for the university's introductory public speaking course. Blake will have the opportunity to teach several communication courses including: Intercultural Communication, Small Group Communication, and Introduction to Health Communication. Congratulations Blake!

Ambar Basu and department alumnus Patrick Dillon received the Top Paper in Intercultural Communication at the Southern States Communication Association conference in Tampa.

Nancie Hudson, Krystal Bresnahan, Lori Roscoe, Ariane Anderson, and Alyse Keller accepted awards for Outstanding Papers in Ethnography at the Southern States Communication Association conference in Tampa.

Rachel Koruo (Biomedical Sciences and Communication majors) presented a poster presentation at the USF Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium. Her presentation, entitled “Investigating Patients’ Perceptions of Health Communication,” reports her work with Dr. Marleah Dean Kruzel’s research team on patient-provider health communication.

Tasha Rennels has won the Golden Bull Award. The Golden Bull is one of USF’s highest honors given annually to undergraduate and graduate students who encompass the spirit of USF and have demonstrated its values. 15 awardees were selected out of 155 applications this year. Congratulations Tasha!

Steven Ryder was invited to be a member of the inaugural Student Academic Integrity Committee of the USF Ethics & Integrity Council. This is a great honor!

Zoe Fine received the USF Alumni Association LGBT Tuition cholarship worth $1,000 for academic year 2015-16. The scholarship is awarded to USF students who demonstrate academic achieve-
ment and contribute to the welcoming climate for students of all sexual orientations and identities. Congratulations, Zoe!

Chris McRae’s first book "Performative Listening: Hearing Others in Qualitative Research," has been released by Peter Lang. By emphasizing the embodied, relational, and creative functions of the highly contextual and cultural performance of listening, "Performative Listening" presents a theory and method that can be used to rethink the ways scholars and students engage with others in a wide variety of qualitative research and educational contexts. Congratulations Chris!

Jacob Abraham, Josh Youakim, and Meredith L. Clements presented posters in March, 2015 at USF's 7th Annual Graduate Student and Post-
Doctorate Research Symposium. The event brought together students and faculty from across the disciplines.  Abraham showcased his qualitative research on pedagogy in the Arts & Humanities, Clements presented a quantitative analysis of patient portal technology in the Health division, and Youakim presented a critical analysis of community and commercialization in Seminole Heights in Social Science.  

Grace Peters successfully defended her Master's thesis, "'In Heaven': Christian Couple's Experience of Pregnancy Loss."

Ashley Martinez successfully defended her Master's thesis, "Half Empty/Half Full: Absence, Ethnicity and the Question of Identity in the United States." Congratulations Grace and Ashley!

Travis Thompson successfully defended his dissertation, "Designing Together with the World Café: Inviting Community Ideas for an Idea Zone in a Science Center." Congratulations, Travis!

Art Bochner will receive the 2014-2015 Best Book Award for "Coming to Narrative:  A Personal History of Paradigm Change in the Human Sciences" at the annual meeting of the Inter-
national Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in May 2015.

Tasha Rennels has accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Communication at Augustana College, a private liberal arts college in Sioux Falls, SD. In addition to teaching courses, she will be in charge of developing and implementing a media studies major. Congrats, Tasha!

Jay Zalinger and his Career Development for Life (COM 4958) class are featured in an article written by Tampa Bay Times columnist Ernest Hooper. Students taking the class have opportunities to meet working professionals and complete assignments that help them discover their own career passions. You can read the article by clicking here.

Communication undergraduate Rachael Soloway recently attended a series of seminars hosted by the Foreign Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. During her visit she had an opportunity to discuss important issues and a little USF Bulls football with U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.). He represents Florida's 15th Congressional District which includes USF's Tampa campus.

"We focused on many issues that specifically have an impact on the lives of USF students such as education reform and economic development," said Rachael, who is at the far left in the accompanying picture. Next to her are USF students Sammy Hamed, Evan Brown, Rep. Ross, and USF students Daniel Shapiro and Alexis Sacasas.

Meredith Clements' work was recently published in the Florida Communication Journal. The article is titled "The mentoring frame: Student-Preceptor relationships in medial education."   

David Jenkins has a forthcoming article: "On His Terms, In My Words: A Narrative Exploration of Family, Loss, and Grief" to be published in the Winter edition of Departures in Critical Qualitative Research.

Lori Roscoe was one of three scholars whose teaching excellence was recognized by the Teachers on Teaching panel at the 100th National Communication Association convention. Her graduate and undergraduate courses focus on family and health communication issues. Congratulations Lori!

Carolyn Ellis and Art Bochner received this year's Charles H. Woolbert Award from NCA for their 2000 chapter, "Autoethnography, Personal Narrative, Reflexivity: Researcher as Subject,” In "The Handbook of Qualitative Research," edited by Denzin and Lincoln.

The Woolbert award recognizes articles and book chapters that have "stood the test of time and have become a stimulus for new conceptualizations of communication phenomena." Their article has  been cited more than 2500 times and has become a foundational monograph for those doing autoethnographic and narrative ethnographic studies.

Art was also recognized as the recipient of the NCA Ethnography Division Legacy award for 2014, honoring his long career as an innovative communication scholar. As well, his book "Coming to Narrative," published by Left Coast in April 2014, was given the 2014 NCA Ethnography book award.

"Coming to Narrative" is Art's personal history of the move to narrative and interpretivism in communication and the human sciences. He is pictured with Chris Poulos who is the Past Chair of the Ethnography Division of National Communication Association.  

Heather Curry was recognized by the Top Paper panel for NCA's 100th Convention in Chicago, Philosophy of Communication division for her paper, "The Gap and the Seam: A Meditation on Politics and Intimacy," which theorizes the connections between touch, intimacy, community and politics.

Jennifer Whalen received a National Communication Association Caucus Travel Grant Award for this year’s convention in Chicago. The award recognizes Jennifer’s contributions as a student leader and presenter within the communication field. She and other recipients were recognized at NCA’s Affirmative Action and Intercaucus Committee reception. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Heather also was awarded NCA's Caucus Travel Grant for the Women's Caucus. Congratulations Heather!

Kyle Romano successfuly defended his Master's thesis, "(Dis)Abled Gaming: An Autoethnographic Analysis of Decreasing Accessibility For Disabled Gamers." You can check out Kyle's thesis by clicking here. Congratulations, Kyle!

Mariaelena Bartesaghi and Ellen Klein make notable appearances in the Italian news magazine, "l'Espresso" for their research and writings.

Mariaelena, who is a senior editor of "Journal of Medicine and The Person," is interviewed and discusses qualitative research in healthcare settings, especially her work as a discourse analyst.

Ellen (who is also on the editorial board of the journal) published an essay in JMAP that is referenced in the "l'Espresso" article. In this essay, the author, Ellen Klein, offers new possibilities for end of life care through sense making with patients that employs both ritual and improvisation in lieu of traditional medical ethical decision-making.

You can read the "l'Espresso" article (in Italian) by clicking here.