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Areas of Concentration

Culture and Media | Health Communication | Organizational Communication
Performance Studies | Public Advocacy | Relational Communication

1. Culture and Media

This concentration explores the complex relationship between culture and media. Courses in this concentration examine products, practices, and contexts of media and mass communication, turning attention to television, film, the Internet, and consumer practices. In general, these courses involve 1) reading theories of culture and media, 2) watching and discussing current media examples, and 3) writing papers that apply these theories to media texts and practices. Courses in bold best fit the above description of Culture and Media; the other courses explore media and culture as related to the course topic.

COM 3014 Comm, Gender & Identity
COM 3051 Analyzing Culture & Media
COM 3052 Cultural Studies & Communication
COM 3413 Comm & Visual Culture
COM 4016 Public Memory
COM 4021 Family Comm/End of Life
COM 4030 Women & Communication
COM 4050 Globalization & Democratic Discourse
COM 4104 Communication, Travel, & Tourism
COM 4414 Race & Gender in Popular TV and Film
COM 4931 Special Topics in Media Analysis

ORI 3950 Communication as Performance Lab
ORI 4019 Performance, Identity & Culture
ORI 4410 Performance Art
ORI 4931 Performance & Video

SPC 3230 Rhetorical Theory
SPC 3513 Argumentation & Debate
SPC 3602 Advanced Public Speaking
SPC 3653 Popular Forms of Communication
SPC 3680 Rhetorical Analysis
SPC 3710 Comm &: Cultural Diversity
SPC 4201 Oral Tradition
SPC 4310 Relationships on Film
SPC 4632 Rhetoric & Social Change
SPC 4683 Rhetoric of Mass Media
SPC 4701 Intercultural Communication
SPC 4714 Communication, Culture & Community