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Areas of Concentration

Culture and Media | Health Communication | Organizational Communication
Performance Studies | Public Advocacy | Relational Communication

2. Health Communication

This concentration explores the complex relationships among communication and the many contexts, issues, and relationships surrounding health and well-being in the world today. Courses in this concentration investigate cultural, historical, social, and ethical meanings of health and illness as communicated in the doctor’s office, the counselor’s couch, patient narratives and stories, in family relationships, and in the media. In general, these courses involve 1) reading theories of health communication, 2) reading books and watching films that illustrate these concepts, 3) writing papers and taking tests that apply these theories to health communication practices. Courses in bold best fit the above description of Health Communication; the other courses explore Health Communication as related to the course topic.

COM 4020 Communicating Illness, Grief & Loss
COM 4021 Family Communication at End of Life
COM 4022 Health Communication

COM 4225 Global & Cultural Issues in Health Communication
COM 4702 Communication, Language & Mental Illness

SPC 3212 Communication Theory
SPC 4305 Communication Emotions
SPC 4328 Communication and Aging
SPC 4431 Family Communication