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Areas of Concentration

Culture and Media | Health Communication | Organizational Communication
Performance Studies | Public Advocacy | Relational Communication

3. Organizational Communication

This concentration examines the ways in which organizations are created, maintained, transformed, and, in some cases, destroyed by communicative practices. Organizations are a critically important context of human communication. Students learn how theory and practice come together in areas like public relations, marketing, and human resources. Interpersonal, group and mass communication levels are also explored as are leadership, intra and interorganizational conflicts, and the dynamics of change and stability. These courses involve 1) reading organizational and communication scholarship, 2) reading books, case studies, journal articles, newspaper articles, and watching films illustrating these concepts, 3) writing papers, taking tests, working on case studies in groups to apply these theories, 4) presenting projects in class. Courses in bold form the core of Organizational Communication study; the other courses offer tools that support this concentration.

COM 3120 Organizational Communication
COM 3122 Interviewing

COM 4050 Globalization & Democratic Discourse
COM 4124 Organizational Change
COM 4128 Integrated Organizational Communication
COM4151 Communication and Working Life in Contemporary Organizations
COM 4530 Influencing Public Opinion

SPC 3212 Communication Theory
SPC 3425 Group Communication
SPC 3602 Advanced Public Speaking
SPC 4714 Communication, Culture & Community