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Areas of Concentration

Culture and Media | Health Communication | Organizational Communication
Performance Studies | Public Advocacy | Relational Communication

4. Performance Studies

This concentration explores the many ways that performances shape our identities, social roles, cultures, politics, and communication practices. Courses in this concentration focus on performances in daily life, in relationships, and in political arenas, as well as in creating performances for the stage. In general, these courses involve 1) reading theories of performance and reading literary texts, 2) learning the strategies of adaptation, rehearsal, staging, and art-making, 3) writing papers and taking tests that illustrate central concepts, and 4) performing these discoveries in class and in public presentations. Courses in bold best fit the above description of Performance Studies; the other courses explore performances as related to the course topic.

COM 3014 Communication, Gender & Identity
COM 3413 Communication & Visual Culture
COM 4016 Public Memory
COM 4030 Women & Communication

ORI 3950 Communication as Performance Lab
ORI 4019 Performing Identity & Culture
ORI 4120 Performance of Poetry
ORI 4150 Performing Nonfiction
ORI 4220 Performing Young Adult Literature
ORI 4310 Group Performance
ORI 4320 Writing for Performance
ORI 4410 Performance Art
ORI 4460 Performing Relationships
ORI 4931 Performance & Video
SPC 3653 Popular Forms of Communication
SPC 4201 Oral Tradition