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Areas of Concentration

Culture and Media | Health Communication | Organizational Communication
Performance Studies | Public Advocacy | Relational Communication

6. Relational Communication

This concentration explores communication in personal relationships, including “close” relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners. Courses in this concentration focus on how relationships form, change, and dissolve; the consequences of relationships for participants; and how to improve them. Several of these classes put special emphasis on race, ethnicity, gender, generation, and culture as central to relationships. In general, these courses involve 1) reading theories and research about relationships in various contexts, 2) reading or watching examples of various relationships, 3) writing analyses of those relationships, including one’s own. Courses in bold below best fit the above description of Relational Communication; the other courses explore relationships as related to the course topic.

COM 3014 Communication, Gender & Identity
COM 4020 Communicating Illness, Grief & Loss
COM 4021 Family Communication/End of Life
COM 4022 Health Communication
COM 4030 Women & Communication
COM 4151 Communication & Working Life in Contemporary Organizations
COM 4490 Communication and Love
COM 4702 Communication, Language & Mental Illness
COM 4710 Writing Lives

ORI 4019 Performing Identity & Culture
ORI 4220 Performing Young Adult Literature
ORI 4460 Performing Relationships

SPC 3212 Communication Theory
SPC 3425 Group Communication
SPC 3710 Communication & Cultural Diversity
SPC 4305 Communicating Emotions
SPC 4307 Talk in Relationships
SPC 4310 Relationships on Film
SPC 4431 Family Communication

SPC 4701 Intercultural Communication
SPC 4714 Communication, Culture & Community