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Requirements for the Major in Communication

A major in Communication requires a minimum of 36 credit hours from departmental offerings. A final grade of at least C-minus is required for a departmental course to count toward a Communication major. Courses may not be taken S/U where a grade option exists. Communication is a restrictive major. To be admitted to the major, students must fulfill these three criteria:

  • complete at least 30 hours of college level work
  • complete the SPC 2608 prerequisite or equivalent public speaking course.

Prerequisite (3 hours)
SPC 2608 Public Speaking is a prerequisite for declaring the communication major. A student can be admitted to the university without SPC 2608, but it must be completed as part of requirements for the major.

Required Courses (12 hours)
Students must take each of these four courses as early as possible in the major. These courses are prerequisites for taking many of the more advanced courses in the respective concentrations.

  • COM 2000 Introduction to Communication (3)
  • ORI 2000 Introduction to Communication as Performance (3)
  • SPC 3301 Interpersonal Communication (3)
  • SPC 2541 Persuasion (3)

Area of Concentration (15 hours)
Students must take a minimum of fifteen hours (five classes) in one of the six areas of concentration. Many courses are listed in more than one concentration. See “Communication Major Concentrations” for descriptions of concentrations and lists of courses under each.

Departmental Electives (6 hours)
Students must take six additional hours of elective coursework, from any concentration, in the Department of Communication at the 3000-level or higher.

Several courses do not have assigned concentrations. They will count for departmental electives unless designated or approved to count toward specific concentrations:

  • SPC 4930 Selected Topics (titles and topics vary each semester)
  • SPC 4932 Senior Seminar
  • COM 4942 Communication Intern Seminar
  • COM 4958 Communication Senior Capstone

The following courses are contracted individually between student and instructor. The concentration will be designated when the course is contracted:

  • SPC 4900 Directed Readings
  • SPC 4905 Undergraduate Research
  • SPC 4903 Honors Readings
  • SPC 4970 Honors Thesis

**COM 3110 Communication for Business DOES NOT COUNT on the major or minor**