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  Honor Society (Lambda Pi Eta)

Faculty Advisor, Dr. Lori Roscoe
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Lambda Pi Eta is the National Communication Honor Society. The Xi Mu chapter at the University of South Florida embraces the following mission: To recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement; to stimulate interest in the field of communication; to promote and encourage professional development among communication majors; and to establish and maintain close relationships and understanding between faculty and students.


Students are eligible for election to membership once they:
1. Have completed 60 credit hours of course work
2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all courses taken
3. Have completed 12 credit hours in the communication major
4. Have a GPA of at least 3.5 for all communication courses


Invitations for submission are made in early fall and spring semesters. Look for flyers posted around the department and on Blackboard at ‘Communication Majors’.
A one-time fee of $40 covers application processing and chapter dues. Fee payments and questions should go to Dr. Roscoe.

  Communication Council

Visit us on Facebook:  USFCommunicationCouncil
Twitter:  USFCommCouncil
Or Email us at:

The purpose of Communication Council is to encourage networking and growth politically, professionally, environmentally, and socially. The council strives to help students explore all disciplines of communications as well as provide extracurricular support and opportunities with members, community leaders and professors alike. This organization prides itself in knowing that communication is the key to success.

Overview of the Executive Board

The president's main responsibility is to keep the organization in running order. Production and maintenance of the club will be required no matter what the task at hand he/she must handle. He/she has the power to make final decisions. The president works intricately with each office held.

Vice President
The vice president will preside over any meeting in the absence of the president. He/she shall preside over all committees and event planning.

The secretary is the recording officer and the assembly and custodian of its records. These records are open to inspection by any member. In addition to keeping records of the council and minutes of the meeting, it is the duty of the secretary to keep a register of a roll of members and call the roll to notify officers and the committee chairs of their appointments. Secretary of all the council should, previous to each meeting, make out an order of business showing in their exact order what is necessary to come before the assembly.

The treasurer is required to maintain a quarterly report, in which all transactions in the council's name should be recorded and presented to the executive board of the council. This officer keeps detailed records of payments and deposits made.

The club historian is the custodian of the club's past, gathering and recording the present to preserve it for the future. The historian maintains a club scrapbook to document important events in the life of its members. The scrapbook provides a look into the past and illustrates the growth and accomplishments achieved in the Communication Council.

Public Relations Chair
This chair is in charge of all relationships with other clubs that the Communication Council will be working with. Their job is to serve as an interactive voice of communication and to present targeted audiences with vital information about Communication Council. This position will also work closely with the Events/ Philanthropy chair, together coordinating many events and socials for our new club. The main responsibility of the Public Relations chair is to promote participation and help recruit new members.

Events/ Philanthropy Chair
This position's main responsibilities include planning and coordinating events, and maintaining all the details that go along with organizing events. This chair will be planning fun events such as socials and luncheons, as well as community service projects, fundraisers, and many networking opportunities for our members to participate in. This chair must be a creative and outgoing person who is dedicated pulling off an event successfully.

This position is responsible for keeping the council members informed of the newest and best scholarships and internship opportunities. Also, this position is the responsible for maintaining a list of internships and scholarships readily available to council members.

Computer Resource Manager
This position is responsible for maintaining all online accounts. This includes but is not limited to: MyUSF, Black board, organization's website, etc. He/She will also be responsible for making announcements online and assisting members with technology related activities.

Marketing Chair
Responsible for marketing the communication council to current undergraduate students that are not aware of its presence on campus. This position is also responsible for attracting freshmen and Transfer students entering to USF. Responsible for assisting all other positions in marketing events, fundraisers, etc.

The Communication Council coordinates activities that aid students in gaining useful and worthy college-survival and life skills. Members can look forward to a semester full of learning about professional topics, including workshops on resume writing, tips and techniques for interviewing, and discussions on job searches lead by professionals in the community. Because the communication council needs funding to support its activities, officers and members will also be involved in fund-raising and member-recruiting events.

To join the USF Undergraduate Communication Council, members only need to complete a simple "Member Profile" information sheet, and come to as many meetings and functions as he or she would like. Each member is awarded an official membership certificate at the conclusion of the semester pending adequate attendance. Members may join at any time during the school year - just come to a meeting.